VI.DE.RE. Project

Visibility Design Realiability

These are the three rules on which the construction philosophy of the Galilei counters is based:
Maximum product visibility thanks to the transparency of the surfaces.
Careful design that expresses elegance, efficiency and cleanliness at the same time.
Product reliability thanks to the quality of the materials and the construction technique.


Galilei Refrigerazione S.r.l Refrigerazione & Design.

Galilei manufactures innovatively designed efficient and functional refrigerated display cabinets. The attention given to the intrinsic quality of the product results in an elegant, captivating look. The range's modular structures ensure every customer demand is met.

Galilei, quality and looks in a single product.

When it comes to manufacturing, Galilei focuses on every detail. Technique, functionality, shape and design are the key words in the creation of Galilei refrigerated display cabinets, for a result that stands the test of time.Every product manufactured by Galilei aims to cut energy consumption. This policy has led to sustainability, which helps reduce consumer energy costs.  

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The vast range of Galilei refrigerated display cabinets includes modular solutions which can be adapted to any surroundings. Each product is designed to optimise space and cut back on energy consumption and costs. Beneficial to both the customer and the environment.


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